A Notepad App To Complete Your Checklists

There’s Tons Of Notepad Apps Out There, But There’s One Notepad App That Works Better Than The Rest

There just isn’t enough hours in the day anymore and sometimes we get caught up with too many “to-do’s,” so having an app that can help ya stay on track might be a must for some of us. If you take a look on any app store, you might see tons of different apps out there that can let you create checklists, memos, and more. The thing is, there are many out there that either don’t work as good, or are more for someone with a specific need. You want to find one that is more of a universal app, meaning one that will work for anybody. We got a good one in mind.

The notepad app that we are referring to is called Colornote. It’s a notepad app that lets you create checklists and even write memos. The cool thing about it is that it is super simple to use. You just create a new note by clicking the plus sign in the upper right hand corner then a menu comes up asking if you want to create a memo or checklist. Then you can start your note.

If you are creating a checklist, it’s pretty cool because you can rearrange the list of items into any order you want, even after you already created the list.

If you like having your notepad on your phone constantly reminding you to get things done, then you can add a reminder that lets you set the interval you want. It works like an alarm but if you just want it to stay in your notifications list so you can swipe and see it at anytime, then you can do so. I personally like using the notification panel reminder because it keeps the notepad pinned to it. If you want to distinguish between different notes or memos, then you can do so by changing what color the notes are so you can easily see which note is which by your own color coding reminders.

Overall the app is just great for those of us who are very busy. I use it to cross things off of my to-do lists daily. It also helps me with projects and assignments for other activities. It has been a very useful notepad app and it is definitely one that I would recommend due to it’s user friendly setup and purpose. You can find this app in the Google Play store from your Android device right now.



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