Kid’s Tablets To Help With Learning

Kid’s Tablets Are Great For Helping Your Little One Learn. We Go Over Some We Recommend.

It’s a known fact that kids love to mimic us in every way. When they see us using our tablets or other devices they want to be able to do the same. How do you avoid them possibly damaging yours though? You get them their own kid’s tablet.

Kid’s tablets come in different sizes and options just like any other tablets or category of electronics. The difference with kid’s tablets though, is that they usually come with a strong and rugged protector to keep it safe from falls and drops. They also come pre-loaded with many cool learning apps for your kids.

There are a lot of different ones out there to choose from so it can get confusing but overall they all do the same thing, they help them learn new things. Some cool ones that are worth mentioning are found below.

Leap Frog Tablets

Leap Frog is a known name when it comes to kid’s tablets and they aren’t too expensive at all. They can usually be found for around $50, depending on the model you get and certain features. The Leap Frog Epic 7 inch tablet is great for toddlers from ages 3 to 9 and has several apps installed to help them learn. It comes with Android 4.4 operating system and a quad core processor so even though it is behind on the OS it can still keep up with the newer apps that are available from the brand.

Tagital T7K Tablet

The T7K kid’s tablet is a 7 inch tablet with a quad core processor. It has a kids mode and parents mode so you can use it too if you want. The tablet comes with HD resolution and also features a strong outside protecting case to make sure the device is safe from your kids drops and falls. It is a really good kid’s tablet for the price and with parents mode enabled, you can easily use it to install many other popular Android apps to add more games and apps for your kids to learn from. Like the Leap Frog tablets it comes with Android 4.4 OS installed but can be upgraded manually if you like. It features 8GB of storage which should be more than enough for all your kid’s learning apps but can be upgraded with an external MicroSD card like many other tablets. The cost for this tablet is usually around $50 like the Leap Frog as well.

Nabi Tablets

Nabi makes some cool kid’s tablets that can help with your kid’s learning as well. Their tablets can be found from around $65 Nabi Jr.) and all the way up to $200 for the Nabi Big Tablet. They all feature a pre-installed app library that is full of cool learning games and apps for your little ones but if you want to be able to install other popular Android apps then you can install the Amazon appstore on the devices. The tablets range in size from 5 inches all the way up to 22 inches which is a big tablet for a kid but they all have a strong outer shell with a protective case to protect the devices from falls or drops.

Overall, all the different variations of kid’s tablets do what they say they will and the prices on them are all pretty low so it’s not a problem to purchase one for most. It’s a great idea as it can enable you to keep your own tablet charged and clean from your little ones messy hands.


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