An Alternative To The GoPro Hero

The GoPro Hero May Be Out Of Some Of Our Price Ranges So We Have A More Affordable Alternative

GoPro Hero cams are a great investment if you love capturing action videos. They can work underwater with their waterproof cases and all of their cool add on pieces make them the perfect camera to use for many different things. There’s just one thing that dissuades many from purchasing one, the price.

Luckily for you, if you have been interested in one but don’t have the big budget for it, there is a great alternative that works just as good.

What we are talking about is the Akaso EK7000 sports action camera. The camera looks just like a GoPro and still works with all the cool add-ons that work for the GoPro Hero cameras. It is a lot cheaper and is still built to last.

The quality you get with this camera is very similar to the GoPro Hero cameras. It films in 4K Ultra HD at 30 frames per a second and takes pictures at 12MP with 30 frames per a second as well. This is the same, or close to it, as the GoPro Hero line of cameras that many love.

The camera looks the exact same as the GoPro Hero and even comes packaged the same. It is designed to hold up strong in many different environments just like the GoPro as well. The camera is waterproof all the way up to 100ft and even comes with a cool wrist remote that you can use to record videos or pictures with in a more convenient way.

The Akaso also has a 170 degree wide angle lens that captures everything nicely with crisp quality as we mentioned earlier. With built-in Wi-Fi you can connect the camera to your phone or tablet and share your pictures and videos. This feature works all the way up to 50ft.

For the amount of storage the camera can handle, you can add up to a 64GB Micro SD card.

A cool bonus is that this Akaso camera comes with a few cool add ons that you can use for different situations. For example, it comes with the waterproof case to withstand water in watersports such as surfing or riding your favorite wave runner. It comes with a bicycle stand to use if you are filming while riding your bike. A helmet mount is also included if you want to connect it to a helmet while riding a motorcycle to capture any interesting traffic or to help protect you in case of an accident.

All these neat features and cool included add-ons make this thing more than worth the money. It is usually found online for around $65 and if you read online reviews you will see that there are more than enough happy customers. It is, in fact, one of the best selling action cameras online right now in it’s price range.

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