The Torque App To Monitor Your Car’s Data

Monitor Your Car’s Data With The Torque App

There’s an app for everything today and one of the cool ones are the ones that enable you to do some cool things with your car’s ecu. The Torque app is one that does this. It connects to your car’s ecu through a Bluetooth adapter that connects to your car’s obd port. It then sends data from the car’s computer to the device of your choice, tablet or phone.

Whenever you get a check engine light on your car, you might think that it’s going to cost an arm and a leg to diagnose. Most shops charge you as much as $150 just to do some diagnostics and find out what is wrong with your car. Then once they do this, they charge you to get the problem fixed. If you want to avoid not knowing what is wrong with your car then this app is a great investment.

The app lets you read any stored codes on your car and then can tell you some possible solutions such as what parts are possibly failing. It gives you a better idea of what could be wrong with the car. This way you can head to a mechanic and show them the codes that are showing and they can have a better idea of what might be wrong with your car.

Besides this, the app also lets you monitor certain things on your car. Ever seen someone with several gauges in their car to monitor things like their vacuum and oil pressure? Well that is exactly what this app does but it displays these gauges on your device such as a tablet or phone. This is great if you are one of those people who knows where your car should be at and want to make sure everything is okay before it throws a check engine code.

The app is very popular among car guys and mechanics because they can use it for several different occasions. If you are interested in purchasing the app, you can find the Torque Pro app in the Play store or in the Amazon Appstore. There is also a free version and you will need to purchase a Bluetooth OBD adapter. These range in price from $15-$100 but I have found that the ones that are $20 work just as good as the more expensive ones.

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