3D TVs, Why Are They So Cool? And What To Consider

Why Are 3D TVs So Cool?

As technology evolves, newer features keep getting integrated into our home devices. One that isn’t an exception is our TVs.

First there was the regular tube televisions, then there was the flat screen HDTV era. Following this was the super thin flat screen LED and LCD TVs. Now there are curved LED TVs and the latest is the 3D TVs.

3D TV is awesome for so many reasons. First of all, it’s 3D! Who doesn’t love viewing their TV and having things jumping out at you? It’s as if you are there in an interactive world.

If you’ve ever watched any movie or show in 3D you would understand why it is so cool to have at home. The problem that many people face is using the glasses that are used to view 3D.

There are two types of 3D glasses out there. There’s the passive polarized versions and then there is the active shutter technology. Both of these 3D technologies are great but many people have complaints about how one version won’t work for the other. This creates a barrier with those want to own more than one 3D TV in their home. If they wanted to have a full 3D TV home then they would have to get 3D TVs from the same brands to make sure they will all work together.

You can only imagine how frustrating something like that would be, especially when you consider the costs. The costs for both types of 3D technologies is pretty high but having to stick to one brand or company makes it difficult because there isn’t any type of interchanging between the two types.

The cost is something to consider before purchasing a 3D TV because, even though they aren’t too new, they are still up there in price. You can find some reputable brands of 3D TVs such as LG and Panasonic for around $1k. The convenience and cool 3D feature make it an easy choice but it’s still one of the higher priced versions of television technology, besides the curved LED TVs.

Overall, if you are going to consider getting a 3D TV, factor in the fact that if you want to expand your 3D into other rooms of the home, it would be best to make sure they all use the same technologies for the 3D glasses. Other than that, 3D technology is an awesome thing to have in the home and you will surely enjoy it.

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