Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Breaks Record

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Is Breaking A Record, Even With Last Year’s Bad Experience With The Note 7

Even with Samsung having to recall and discontinue their Note 7 last year due to several issues with batteries exploding, the brand and line of phones is still making records. Yesterday, the company stated that their preorders for the Note 8 are the highest they have ever had for any Note phone.

Last month, August, on the 24th the company allowed preorders. With all the commercials showing several cool designs and a bigger looking screen, along with the cool S Pen, it seems that many have been anticipating this release for awhile. The Note 7 was a bummer and many were worried that Samsung was going to trash the Note line of phones but with the Note 8 being released, Samsung might have gained some more trust with the ones they lost from that last awful experience.

The phone is one of the company’s most expensive phones they have ever released. Starting at a little over $900, it’s up there in the price range. To help with the disappointment many might have had with this high price, the company did offer some extras. For example, any preorder that is placed before September 24th can get a Gear 360 camera or a wireless charge bundle. For those unhappy Note 7 customers that had to get different devices when all the drama happened last year, they were given a big discount in exchange for trading in their current device. I think something like that is only right keeping in mind of the whole situation last year.

It seems that even with last year’s problems, Samsung still has some pretty solid fans of the Note phones. The amount of preorders that Samsung has received hasn’t been pinpointed at an exact number but the company just stated it’s the highest ever for any Note device. Even with a higher price as well, it seems that many are still interested in giving Samsung another chance with the Note 8. I can only imagine how much testing and development the Note 8 has gone through before it was able to be released because Samsung had to keep in mind that this phone is going to be their chance to redeem themselves after the Note 7 failure. Either way, I and many others are excited to use the Note 8.


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