Android 8.0: What’s New?

What’s New In Android 8.0 Security Wise?

The latest edition of the Android OS, Oreo, also known as 8.0, has several cool new features and updates, as many updates do but one of the biggest improvements are the security features that are included.

Unlike several other updates, the Android 8.0 updates to the security are a lot more beyond and purposeful than previous versions.

With the Android 8.0 OS security has been ramped up with some new features such as Project Treble, better device permissions control, verified booting, and system alerting.

Google’s Project Treble is an improvement to the Android patching method. Security pros have stated that this was one of Android’s weaker features in defending security in the past. So what is Project Treble and what does it do? Well, in short, it helps with better and more frequent security updates. It does this by enabling manufacturers to release updates faster and cheaper than before.

The Project Treble divides certain drivers and firmware from the OS making it easier for Google to release OS patches and updates without having to worry and wait for certain setbacks such as chipset compatibility. Google stated that by doing this, updates can be supported and improved on older hardware that some OEM companies might not support any longer.

With the Android 8.0 OS comes better app managing and controlling. They are sort of limiting what apps are allowed to do and access to help lower potential attacks on their devices. One common way that cyber attackers have been able to hack into a device is by making malware that is built inside of an app. Even though Google verifies a lot of apps in it’s Play Store, many people still use other methods such as side loading to install apps from third parties. This creates a vulnerability issue and enables hackers to potentially attack your device.

Before, you would simply check the box in your security settings that said “allow installation of apps from unknown sources.” If you allow this you could be putting your device at risk. With Android 8.0 you are able to set permissions on a per-app control instead of like before where it was all or none.

Another new feature is the system alerts. The security of it’s system alert window has been improved. This feature allows developers to make apps that can pop up on top of Android’s other apps that are running. Several people have been taken by a tactic some malicious developers use to put a window that persistently stays on their window and asked to pay to get it fixed or enter some sensitive info. It’s a trick but with the Android 8.0 OS, this issue should be resolved.

The Android 8.0 Oreo system looks very promising and with these new updates, it seems like there is a lot of room for more and better improvements in security.

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  • October 24, 2017 at 5:28 pm

    Android 8.0 is supposed to be the best. I can’t wait untill it comes out for my phone.


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