New Feature For Google Assistant On Android Phones

If You Like The “Hey Google,” Command From Google Assistant Then You Are About To Get Some Good News For Your Android Phone

Google Assistant was available at first for the Google Pixel phone. Then it came to Google Home but there was a few things that made them different on each platform. Since then Google has been working on making things better and as close to the same as possible. Google is now making it easier for Android users by getting the “Hey Google,” command option on their devices.

If you own an Android then you already know about the “Okay, Google” command but alot of users are saying that the “Hey Google” option is better and easier to say. Whatever makes things easier I guess right?

This new update should be reaching phones soon and when it does, you will get a notification stating it is available to download. From then, you will be able to train the Assistant to understand when you say, “Hey Google.” You can still choose not to use it if you don’t want to though.

Several users of the Pixel 2 phones already have the update but as we all know, the Google devices always get the latest updates a lot faster than others. If you don’t have it yet but want it, sit tight and it should be available very soon.



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